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5.1  Top up

There is two method to top up , One is online banking transfer / atm bank in and another one is payment gateway (charges may applied).


Method 1 : Online banking transfer / atm bank in .

Direct transfer to our bank account , please dont write taobao or top up as your bank recipient reference , kindly write your yshopmall username.


For Online banking

For ATM , example my yshomall username is alibaba.



After successful transfer to our bank account , fill in the detail in this top up section 'Bank in / Atm' and upload your bank resit .

Yshopmall will check within 24hours and top up credit in your account.




Method 2 :Payment gateway .

You can top up using this payment gateway , enter the amount and click top up now , system will guide you to the procedure , only support online banking , strictly no debit / credit card !

For this method , system will top up immediately if the transaction is successful , charges may applied as stated picture below.

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