How to ship

Hi , Please spend 10-15 minutes read the procedure , thank you . From guangzhou warehouse to your doorstep.


Step 1 : Register at our yshopmall website , Fill in all the details.






Step 2 : On top right corner , Go to my account > my profile ,copy warehouse address . For consignee user id is the name that you register in yshopmall.


Yshopmall warehouse:

Address:广东省广州市白云区太和镇大源黄庄南边村自编南边南西巷2号之一 (一楼仓库),510440

Contact number:18520718220





Step 3 : Paste the warehouse address in taobao account , then you can start purchase at taobao.




Step 4 : After purchase at taobao , seller will give you a china local courier tracking number when he sent out the item , copy this tracking number as shown as this picture below 765291332940.




Step 5 :Go to this section ' arrange ship ' click add new parcel .




Step 6 : Paste the tracking number and fill up all the detail . Click add new row if you still have other tracking number . After adding all the tracking number click add to cart .




Step 7 : Tick the product that you want to pack and click submit ship.





Step 8 :Fill up your address and the detail , there is two button draft and confirm submit ship .


For draft , you still can edit after you click it , example you want to change address , add or delete item in the future. (warehouse won't pack on this status )


For confirm submit ship , you cant edit any detail after you click it , and warehouse will start packing if all item arrived.




Step 9 :After clicking one of the button , you can check your parcel status at my shipment section.



Step 10 : If the status is pending pay , you can check the amount and click pay on it .